Boy: "My mom taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was a kid. And I made lots of bags and pillows. They're pretty much the same thing. Except one has an open end and a handle."
-- From Erik in Union Square

Lady: "KARMA is gonna get you! KARMA is gonna get you!"
-- From Ryan in Noe Valley

Developmentally Disabled Person on the J Church, Holloween afternoon: "I'm sorry. I hate Mondays....Is it Monday?"
-- From Anthony

Not exactly Yvesdropped, but still very SF: A teenage girl, wearing a tigger suit, sits completely alone and at 1 a.m., two days before Halloween, on the sidewalk near Fulton/Masonic ... expertly playing a didgeridoo.

After the jump: more Halloween Yvesdroppings than at which you can shake a billy club.
What?Scene: An elderly couple has just taken a parking spot that a middle-aged woman wanted. As they get out of their car, she shrieks at them.