We had to go to the Television Without Pity recaps of The Bachelor to figure out which one new Niner Jesse Palmer was.

Oh, yeah, that guy. We thought he was kinda hot in a very International Male way until he started talking, and then we didn't any more. And not that we think every romance needs to have a wedding, but to end up offering the winner a plane ticket to New York? Girl, we can buy our OWN jetBlue, thanks very much.

His reality TV persona aside, is he even any good? Until the Niners' announcement it looked like he was going to play on some Canadian teams we've never heard of, and we have watched a lot of "Degrassi Jr. High." SFist Christopher Rogers, got any thoughts for us?

But, hey, we aren't complaining. Having Palmer here is just another on our list of "famous--for San Francisco" folks we can talk about, like Matt Gonzalez and Dede Wilsey. We're sure that in no time we'll be covertly camera-shooting Palmer and claiming/wishing he touched our ass.