Sure, Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers seems like, as Jon Stewart said before moving onto Tom Ammiano last night, "a Talbots shopper" now -- but back in the day, that girl could ! Before she embraced God and evangelical Christianity, Miers worked in San Francisco for local legal hound Melvin Belli in the summer of 1969.

Belli, known as "The King of Torts," represented a number of notorious folks throughout his career, including Jack Ruby and Sirhan Sirhan, and that very year, Belli got a letter from Jake-Gyllenhaal-bait the Zodiac Killer. Miers came out for the summer to work in the famed Belli Bordello. By all accounts (that is, PJ Corkery's), she was a pretty decent lawyer but seemed a little uncomfortable in the office. "She was a terrific, talented worker, and an awfully nice gal, but she was something of a square," reports one of her co-workers. Miers turned down her offer of a permanent job, and decided to stay in Texas instead.

The conclusion we've drawn from this saga? Miers is the Zodiac Killer!

Picture of Miers and Emperor Palpatine off Wonkette. Go vote in the Miers Lookalike contest!