Middle school girl #1: I wish I was skinnier than my boyfriend.
Middle school girl #2: We all feel that way.
-- Yvesdropped on by Jackson, on the 22 Fillmore at Chestnut

Tween girl: Michael, do you think I'm stupid for getting bangs?
Tween boy (unexpectedly emphatic): Hell no!
Tween girl: Thanks.
Tween boy: But, uh ... who banged you?
-- 21 Hayes near Stanyan

Tween boy (yes, the same one from before): So, why aren't you and Sarah friends anymore?
Tween girl: Oh, she's got, like, this syndrome, where she doesn't care how she dresses anymore.
-- 21 Hayes near Divis

Fancy looking woman walking out of a very nice restaurant: There's no way we went through all that coke ourselves.
Fancy looking man, spying me standing there reading a Bret Easton Ellis novel: Shhhh! (as he oh so subtly jerks his head towards me)
Fancy looking woman: I mean, um, there's no way we went through all that COCA-COLA ourselves.
--SFist Eve, waiting for the bus