If there is something that American Football Spectacular learnt hard about in the preceding two weeks, it is squandered opportunities. In the last two games, your San Francisco 49ers have received gift-wrapped double-digit leads, and managed to lose both games. 1 - 3 is a helluva lot different from 3 - 1, or even 2 - 2. Jeez, guys, 2 - 2 at the very least! Both games were imminently winnable, there for the taking. Yet through lack of coaching adjustment, and for want of a run game, the games against both Dallas and Arizona bled away. Such agony for a fan to watch. After all, we're the underdogs, we're not supposed to be doing well, so when a winnable game against a superior team presents itself, you've got to take that, like a small child attacks a fun size Three Musketeers bar. 'Tis the season. Got a costume picked out yet? Post it in the comments section. This Halloween, AFS may dress as an astronaut. A drunken astronaut.