Well, it's come to this. Remember the brouhaha over docking the USS Iowa at Fisherman's Wharf? It was DiFi's idea to send $3 million worth of pork our way. Nevermind pacifist sentiment, the Navy's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the fact that floating military museums are a money-losing proposition -- everybody and their mother got on the Supes' case about turning the offer down.

So of course The Daily Show sent out cub fake-reporter Nate Corddry [Torrent] (Rob's younger brother, apparently) to do interviews with Tom Ammiano and Chris Daly and to play up every gay stereotype he could, including wearing a sailor suit to Trannyshack ("after six Cosmos and two grams of something..."), and the report played tonight before the intellectually stimulating interview with Cameron Diaz.

Don't get us wrong, we love The Daily Show, but we left disappointed. They cut Chris Daly out of the bit, meaning that we didn't even get to play SFist Rita's drinking game. At least Nate got a nice dry hump out of the deal. And Tommiano certainly held his own, not getting punk'd and dishing out The Funny (lord, we love that guy). But we expected better from fellow commie pinko queers.