At the risk of soundling like we don't have a TiVo, we have to ask, have you seen the crazy-ass Ron Chun commercials? Dig if you will this picture: there we were, lightly dozing during a aftenoon Sci-Fi channel showing of when suddenly we jolted awake from our dream of Gavin as King of San Francisco to realize that it was NOT A DREAM.

Check it out if you don't believe us. Through the magic of very crappy green screen, the viweer finds herself in a fake City Hall as a rotten, overmakeuped (even for Gavin) faux-Gav in regal garb annoints someone (we're not sure who, as the kneeling figure is was too slender to be either Phil Ting or Sandoval, even though Ting is the real Slim Gavin's choice) assessor.

He's interrupted by someone who says a bunch of boring stuff about elections, but, dude -- fake City Hall! Fake Gavin! Fake Gavin who ends the commercial intoning "it's good to be the king"! How can this be legal? The agency that put this together is the one we're going to use when we run SFist Rita's mayoral campaign, without a doubt.

When we saw this we freaked out, rewound the TiVo, and through some rocket surgery involving the TiVo and the VCR we'll have this commercial for all eternity (or until the tape degrades, whichever comes first). We can't stop watching this ridiculous commercial (we watched it again just now as we pulled an image for this post, and are still chuckling as we write this) -- it's like watching an early Muppet Show sketch back when they were just weird instead of funny. Go see for yourself!

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