So now that Laurie Beijan had her dream wedding at Flood Mansion uninterrupted by cries of "Tubular!" from outside -- what's going on with Jonny Moseley's ski jump plans now? The good folks of Pacific Heights called a public meeting yesterday, where some interesting things were said.

On the one hand, there was the angry resident at Fillmore and Green, who says, "For my 30th birthday, I went to Mexico, got drunk, and learned how to surf. It didn't affect anyone." (Huh. Mexico.) On the other, there was the passionate Iranian immigrant who asked, "I can't help but wonder if there is a starving child in Africa or Taiwan who will watch this event and be drawn to San Francisco to make it their home." (Taiwan is actually doing OK on food these days, but thanks for asking.)

However, everyone agreed that no matter what happened, San Francisco is at least better than the rest of the country: "It is events like this that distinguish us from Kansas City, which is flat in every way," said one person, who said we had to have the jump so our city wouldn't be "boring." And all agreed that no matter what happened, it was probably the city government's fault as well. "This company went through San Francisco and got the proper permits. We should be angry at The City, not this company," said another resident.

Icer is hoping to have the ski jump in Pac Heights still, on Sept. 29.