Having enjoyed several years' worth of legitimate real-life horror during Castro Halloweens, we can't wait to see what passes for a Halloween spookiness in that ludicrous city to the south. Ms. Christ herself has weighed in that she hears the film is good, and we've heard similar tentative endorsements. Right-wing (self-declared) religious wackos frown that "this is nothing more than the homosexual agenda trying to normalize the lifestyle" -- er, that's possible, we suppose, or maybe it's the homosexual agenda making up reasons to look at frantic heaving male bosoms.

Anyway, we're giving away passes to a screening on Tuesday, September 20, at an undisclosed time and in an undisclosed place. A limited number of winners will receive a followup email with all details to attend the screening with a guest. Seating isn't guaranteed; show up early just to be safe.