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Praise the Lord! The latest issue of "SF Faith: The Bay Area's Lay Catholic Newspaper" is out. What do you mean, "newspaper" might not be the right word for a collection of editorials, commentaries, and scaremongering? It's printed on , isn't it? Well, whatever it is, it's been arriving, uninvited, in our mailboxes lately, and there's no better source for "news" relating to the very most conservative among us.

Homosexual Pride Mass in Berkeley! Father Richard Sparks gave communion to gays and members of other faiths; "completely unjustified," and "heresy," says the article. SFist's expert in such matters informs us that Father Sparks did, in fact, violate Canon 844 § 1, and that casual participation in a sacred rite can offend (sorta like the influx of suburbanites to Pride in the Castro). On the other hand, there are many of the opinion that bringing Christ to as many people as possible is not necessarily a bad thing; but "Faith" doesn't address that side of the issue -- hey, we thought conservatives were all about "teach the controversy!"

Other stuff: we'll be voting soon on Proposition 73, which would mandate that abortionists notify minors' parents before aborting their potential grandchildren. (Its slogan: "Protect our daughters!") We suspect that if a young lady is in such trouble, the optimum time for her guardians to become involved has perhaps passed. Also: more ads for Courage, an ex-gayifying group with local members, which would be funny if it weren't so sickening and dangerous. Ah, another great read this month! Keep up the good work, "newspaper," and until next time, have faith and be a good lay.