Welcome again to American Football Spectacular, your guide to American football in the Bay Area, and all points beyond. After yesterday's 49ers preview, we turn our eyes Eastward, towards the trill of The Autumn Wind lilting towards us on the September breeze. Drums. I hear battle drums on the wind.

Hello my name is: Your Oakland Raiders.
Grinning with all his teeth from atop one of the greatest cults of personality ever constructed, Raiders' owner Al Davis' unspoken goal is to make it back to the Super Bowl before his current physical body dies. The Raiders have built one of the most distinctive brands in the world outside of Hello Kitty or McDonalds, and have a track record of kinda consistent success over the last set of years. It's said that the Raiders don't rebuild, they reload. So, can they get deep into the postseason with a recharged offense, and a markedly unimproved D? Al the team, and thusly, he is the time limit -- can they succeed?

By SFist Christopher Rogers, contributing