The grand opening, tomorrow from 6-9pm, benefits Save the Bay. The Bay, and animals and wildlife that exist on and around it, are in danger from a number of fronts - mostly of man-made varieties. Save The Bay works to restore wetlands, bring attention to the issues affecting the Bay, and is at the forefront of protecting the Bay's dwindling natural resources. They're currently celebrating a victory in getting the US Navy to clean up the Superfund site at Moffett Field, but you can bet they won't be sitting on their heels.

If, unlike SFist, you don't need to load up on skincare products, you can donate to Save The Bay directly. Or if you have some free time coming up, September 17th is Coastal Cleanup Day. Save The Bay is co-ordinating two wetland clean-up sites, in Hayward and Redwood City. The Redwood City clean-up involves a canoe trip to Blair Island. Other restoration events happen periodically - check the website for the calendar.