Well, if you are, or just want to be, do we have the Craigslist job listing for you!

Fashionistas, Style Mavens, Upper East Side transplants

Do you know the difference between a Balenciaga and a Marc Jacobs? What about Stella McCartney verses Phoebe Philo?

If yes - read on.

I am a debut author with novel coming out next year from Atria ("Devil Wears Prada," "Bergdorf Blondes" appeal) and we're looking for A-list individuals who may be interested in receiving advance copies of the book, attending the In Style-sponsored launch event, and becoming a VIP on my publicist's list.

If you are interested, do not send a resume - drop me a line and tell me a bit about yourself and your qualifications and anyone else who you know who might be a VIP.

So, basically, if you read Gawker, have been lugging the 4lb. fall Vogue around and have a pair of Clergeries or Miu Mius set aside for special society occassions, then you could get a chance to hang out with someone who writes beach reads! For some tips on anunciation, we'd recommend the shoe blog. Because when we have to deal with Upper East Side transplants, we think, "What would the Manolo say?"

Photo proving that big is beautiful from Gawker.