Let the record show that we have serious issues with anything related to exhibition pre-season football. We hate how hyped they are, hate how seriously they're taken, and we especially hate how they put the games on TV when we want to watch something else. All this for a game primarily played by a bunch of people fighting to not be cut. Nevertheless, this week features the debut appearance of both Bay Area teams, the Raiders and the Niners. Of even more interest is that they're playing each other Saturday night at the 'Stick which actually works out for football fans because they only have to waste three hours of their life this weekend instead of six. But if you want any clue to how over-hyped and over-done preseason football is, check this out-- both KPIX and KTVU will be showing the game. Not to mention showing pre-game shows AND post-game shows. All we can say is thank God for Tivo.

This game will feature the debuts of the Bay Area's newest football star and wanna-be football star, Randy Moss and Alex Smith. Moss has already made a big splash this season with his pimped out purple truck and for apologizing in advance for any sort of outrageous touchdown celebration he'll pull this season. Yes, Moss is a bit of a douche but it says a lot about the modern day NFL that he actually comes off as mature classy when compared to Terrell Owens, he of course, of the recent press conference held while working out at his home (and is there anyone out there who isn't loving the Eagles pretty much giving him the equivalent of the sending him up to bed without any supper?) We would say that this game would give us the first chance to see the Raiders high-octane offense, but they'll probably be out of the game before the first batch of nachos have appeared. As for the Niners, their million-dollar savior, Alex Smith, was announced as the starter which means that this will be the first chance the 49er faithful will have of seeing the kid tasked with redeeming John York.

Kick off is 7. Tickets, surprisingly, are pretty easy to find.

Photo of Terrell Owens talking to press by AP. Yeah, it has nothing to do with the 49ers/Raiders game, but we so love the picture