Hey, want to spend an evening with an aging former drug abuser watching four other aging former (?) drug abusers shake their wrinkled heines on stage? For $100,000 and the cost of some plane tickets, you can go see the Rolling Stones perform at Fenway Park in Boston with Herr Governator! We think it would be worth it to watch him dance to the Black Eyed Peas and maybe spark a 'special' cigar. It's all possible thanks to the benificence of Ameriquest, which is sponsoring the Stones' rolling around America on tour and funding Arnie's pet projects to the tune of $1.5 million.

"Sympath for the Devil" jokes aside, the Stones are at the mercy of Ameriquest on this one, and spokespeople all around assure us that this is no way an endorsement of Schwarzenegger or his special election. The Stones are smarter than that -- Sir Mick attended the London School of Economics. Their new album even harshes on the neo-cons in the whitehouse, in a shameless ploy to sway the AARP before the midterm elections.

If you'd rather not have listen to the Gropenfuhrer singing "Under My Thumb" in his thick accent, there are tickets to be on stage with the band. We're excited to see if Bronstein brings Jerry Hall backstage when they arrive at 24 Willie Mays Plaza in November to play alongside SF homeboys Metallica.

Pumping Iron via Planetvids.

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