Of course, we could point out that maybe more people would ride it if, say, they fixed the routing problems at the airport so there wouldn't be fifteen minute delays just outside the station. Or routing problems at Daly City so there wouldn't be fifteen minute delays on to get past Daly City. Or not try and shoot ten trains through Daly City at once so there won't be fifteen minute delays to get past Daly City on the days there's not routing problems. Or deal with SFist's big bugaboo, total lollygagging at SFO for fifteen minutes while we miss our connection. As pissed as we get when we meet our connection, we can only imagine how pissed people will be when they miss their connection at SFO.

But we're not here to rant about BART. Fish in a barrel. We are here to rant about something else involving public transportation, that being you.