Friend of SFist Jason Schultz forwarded us a press release [PDF]. What do you get when you cross labor activism and theater nerds? Hilarity!

Saint Francis, beloved patron saint of small animals and birds, and supporter of the oppressed in all communities, has descended from heaven to protest the unfair labor policies of the St. Francis Hotel.

"I don’t want to raise a fuss, but these guys are using my name," explained the holy one as he laid hands on a wounded hummingbird and it took flight, completely healed. "If they’re going to exploit their workers with hardball tactics and the threat of another lockout, why can’t they just change it to the Moloch Hotel or something? Leave me out of it. I’m joining the boycott." Saint Francis said he would be joined by performers, theatre scholars, hotel workers, and other "saints and sinners" at the rally outside the hotel at 6pm this Thursday.

The Association for Theater in Higher Education are holding their annual conference at the Westin St. Francis this weekend, but many attendees, including actress Anna Deveare Smith, support the boycott of the hotel until the contract dispute is resolved. The San Francisco Mime Troupe are also protesting, though we presume silently.