Blah blah blah, morality laws -- who cares? It's Dore Alley, the smaller, smuttier, queerer cousin of late-summer's Folsom Street Fair, and it's this Sunday. For one glorious, beautiful day, you can strut around with your ballgag or foxtail buttplug or gladiator outfit or (if you're feeling demure) just a pair of chaps. Our loyal SFist fans couldn't ask for a better opportunity to buy and wear our "Super Fister" tshirt; a tribute to the misperception sometimes created by the name SFist. (Yeah ... sure ... misperception.) Only four shopping days left -- check SF Leather for a kinky business directory, galleries, a forum, and events calendars (as if you aren't a regular shopper at Mr. S). Until the big day, you can work yourself up into a lather at the gallery of Rob Clarke, the guy who draws Dore Alley's come-hither promotional image. See you Sunday, sluts!