When the Giants signed Benitez, the thinking was that a closer stabilizes things in the bullpen. Everyone knows their roles and so everyone can concentrate on doing what they need to do-- bullpen by Henry Ford. Without a closer, nobody knows what to do. It's bullpen anarchy. It's dogs and cats living together. It's some kid out of AA being thrown out there to pitch a ninth inning because they don't have anyone else out there. Whether it's a coincidence or not, the Giants pitching has been pretty darn good lately. Even Jeff Fassero has stepped up and pitched a few good games (Jeff Fassero!). And if Schmidt gets his groove back, Lowry and Williams get their head backs, and Barry comes back…

Well, Giants fans can dream, can't we? Hell, was really good. Anything feels possible these days.

Image of Jeff Fassero Tyler Walker rocking the Gigantes Jersey from the San Jose Mercury

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