So far, the most popular post here on SFist has been, by far, our coverage of Mac Dre's funeral. Fans and well-wishers have left dozens and dozens of comments full of praise and respect, and the stats bear out that folks looking for Mac are all over that post.

So when we saw a new comment from 'dp' that said Fat Tone, AKA 23-year old Anthony Watkins of Kansas City, had been shot to death in Las Vegas, we knew that this would be portrayed as retialiation in a 'rap war' between Cali and KC. Watkins was named by Kansas City police as a 'person of interest' in Dre's death. He and Jermaine Akins, 22, were both found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in a SUV that was left running near a construction site.

Street justice? Maybe. To quote the AP article, "After [Mac Dre's] death, a number of fans posted messages on hip-hop Web sites calling for retaliation." Um, yeah -- we're sure that the muderers in this case were whipped into a froth by someone's comments posted in a forum. What the AP doesn't address is the sad, sad cycle of gun violence that claims the lives of so many black men, and for every MC who's shot, there are hundreds of anonymous victims whose stories never make the national wire except as statistics.

Watkins may well have had it coming -- he was previously charged with the murder of a pregnant woman, but the case was dropped after witnesses refused to cooperate. But we don't necessarily feel that justice has been served. "An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind," a wise man once said.