This really is bananas! Just like Gwen Stefani, Supervisor Chris Daly stuck it to the student teachers (stomp stomp), getting ev'rybody riled up (stomp stomp). He ain't no hollaback supe -- he ain't no hollaback supe!

So what's the hollering about? What's it always about? MUNI! So Daly, who's been on the forefront of protesting the MUNI fare hikes, made a routine motion at yesterday's Board of Supes meeting to put off discussing the rollback in the parking fees so it could be discussed at the same time as the other MUNI budget objections he and the transit advocates wanted to make. Supervisor McGoldrick then said he wouldn't vote for the motion. "Are you kidding me?," our peroxide-blonde cheerleader ska-punk-pop princess said. Sandoval then said he wouldn't either. Response, Mr. Daly? "F*** that!"

Bring it, Chris! (item 24, 6:57.)

Chanting, gavel-banging, and the cops get called, after the jump. Holla!