SFist feels very lucky to wake every day in a city that lives the legacy of Harvey Milk. His awareness of how simply powerful being publicly gay could be lead to a freedom and enlightenment that we all benefit from today.

However, of the two laws Milk sponsored while supervisor, we're not here to talk about the one against anti-gay discrimination, worthy though it is. We're talking about the one making it illegal for a pet guardian to fail to pick up said pet's waste. Do you remember this? Apparently, he "lobbied for the (law) with a staged amble through a park that ended with his stepping in it." That, folks, is dedication to your job.

You can take a look at San Francisco Health Code Section 40 here (watch out, it's a PDF), but, basically, it says "pick up after your dog when it s**ts, you slob."

Who is going to take issue with this law? Certainly not anyone who has stepped, then looked too late. It's horrible! So why don't people clean up after their pets?

SFist is the proud guardian of a dog, and we not only refuse to allow her to drop a load in the middle of the sidewalk, but we pick up the fruits of her labors no matter where they fall. It's not that bad, we even got this cute little crap bag holder as a gift recently, so we're never without a bag for the goodies. But we're beginning to feel like we're in the minority. In fact, we've recently dubbed the corner of 40th and Irving "Poo Corner" (not to be confused with Pooh Corner), because there seems to be a daily doggie dump party there, one to which we're invited.

My god, people! We've all have a dog lay an egg in the tall grass and can't get to it safely, but when Fido unloads in the middle of the sidewalk, how do you justify not picking it up? What is wrong with you?

The next time you're out with Spot and he empties his bowels, we'd like to ask that you think about the great Harvey Milk, cut down even before his prime. To let your dog waste lie is an affront to his memory, against the law, and just plain disgusting. Pick up your s**t!