Is baseball really the only sport that has a steroid problem or do you believe 350 pound lineman can run the 40 faster than Speedy Gonzalez on a meth bender? Does anyone really know what all those steroids do? Not only the anabolic stuff, but the "clear" and the "cream"? And are the side effects of steroid use really a sign of their danger or just of misuse? Some of their uses are to help recover from injuries or to just recover from the daily grind of playing. Is there any difference between steroids and other, legal, performance enhancement drugs? What's the difference between steroids and shooting people up with pain killers?

Lasik surgery can help people at the plate. What's the difference between Lasik surgery and steroids? magazine has a story about surgeons perfecting techniques to increase arm strength through a procedure a bit like Tommy John surgery. What's the difference pitchers getting that surgery and steroids? Medical and bio-technological innovations are coming faster than we can keep up with. Where do we draw the line?

Image is "The Trial of George Jacobs, August 5, 1692." By T. H. Matteson, 1855.