Oy. That Gawker party was a doozy. We're going to have to give Krucoff some credit -- we're going to have to face off in a liver-busting tiebreaker to claim best two out of three. Our place or yours, Andrew? We woke up at nine, and a cool, grey morning with a light drizzle greeted us. We went back to bed, and woke up again just to make a promised appearance at the "Bloggers vs. Journalism" panel that afternoon. Besides, Jason Kottke's one of our heroes, being a fellow unemployed blogger and all.

Dan Brown, Rebecca McKinnon and Jason Calacanis joined Kottke, with Jason Tietler serving as moderator. Since Dan and Rebecca seemed to be drinking the same punch as the two Jasons, it was more "Blog Journalism," as there was little tension between the two camps. Calacanis sang the praises of distributed fact checking, Dan Brown took a stab at defining journalism, Rebecca McKinnon took on the 'neutral voice,' and Jason Kottke spoke on community. Media consolodation, transparency, legitimacy and the market for bloggers services were all touched upon.