Out in the Sunset, you can't swing a cat without hitting a pretty decent Thai restaurant. We're reminded of the line in Six Degrees of Separation, where dining in New York is described as "genius on every corner". While we're not there quite yet, it's tempting to paraphrase and say "damn good Panang curry on every block." When it's safe to assume that most Thai places are going to serve pretty solid cuisine, what makes one choose one over the other? A lot of times it's the smaller details that make the difference, which is why we will cross the park to go to the Richmond district's Patpong, at 25th and Clement.

We've eaten there several times in the past, and went there again tonight in preparation for this review (oh, the things SFist endures for you readers). Every time we go there we're struck by the excellent service, the lovely decor, and the food that really raises the bar for Westside Thai cuisine.

Photo from Patpong's site, but it doesn't really do the place justice

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