We live in the Mission, which is pretty much ground zero for cheap eats. If the terrorists/communists/homosexuals/bloggers/what-have-you wanted to imperil the ability for the cash-poor and culture-rich to feed and reproduce, we figure they'd place their suitcase nuke at approximately 20th and Folsom. Because if you go half a mile from there in any direction and you will be able to stuff yourself for much less than ten dollars.

Of course most Mission gringos generally opt for the burrito, but we would like to make the case for the pupusa being the best thing in the 'hood, at least if you have time to sit down. Usulutan, El Trebol, Margeritas, even the La Palma Mexicatessen are all great spots for a delicious pupusa -- and that's just on 24th street! But one chef's pupusas are so famous, they've named not one but two restaurants after her -- Panchitas and Panchitas #2. So on a recent walk from 16th and Mission to the Zeitgeist, we decided to stop in on Panchitas #2 at 16th and Valencia to get some cheese and chicharrone pupusas before we started pounding Hoegaarden's like there was no tomorrow.