We know that you're recently single. And okay, we can accept that the hot, SF-appropriate love affair we were hoping for between you and Matty G just isn't in the cards.


PARIS HILTON?!?! Why does she have your number, Gavin? Or, should we call you "Newson, San fran gavin"? Are you cheating on us?! With HER? Oh, my god. We are so totally going to have to ho's... um, we mean hose... down City Hall now. With anticeptic and antibiotics and anti... well, whatever we can get our hands on, frankly.

As we sit here making disapproving clucking noises at you Gavin (come on, being in the same, even phone book, ranks as Nick Carter and Vin Diesel (.wav file) is so lame) we are a bit more than fascinated by how such a thing happens. Moment of weakness in the face of the vagina that launched a thousand ships? Overreaching on the part of your personal ass-istants? What?

Sigh. We know the social scene here is a little lacking and with Kimbers gone you must get awful lonely. Which is why we're willing to forgive. For now.

But mark our words, San fran gavin, we're watching and if we see any videos "accidentally" released to the internets we are so going to sic Chris Daly on you. For reals.

Oh, and one more thing... the hair gel? Yeah, that's hot.

Sincerely, your friends at SFist.