Okay, SFist admits that the dating scene is ugly. Really, really ugly. We've never had much luck at hooking up with folks at bars or clubs, though granted the line between consuming enough alcohol to overcome our anxiety and blacking out for us is very, very fine. People are strange and prone to say hateful things that make you feel bad. Better to have your senses dulled as much as possible so that if you do screw up, at least you'll only have to deal with a hangover and not massive emotional collapse.

So when we received a notification from Tribe about a one of these technology-assisted mixers, we were a bit curious. We love technology! It's solved all our other problems -- why not social interaction and the mating ritual!

Our first hint that this OneKeyAway mixers are a bad idea is that it was started in Hermosa Beach. Non-conformist geeks and SoCal ideas of social norms just don't mix. Then we actually went to the homepage, and besides being ugly, the questions on the "Personality Profile" were redundant and pointless. When we actually went looking for an event to attend, the next one in the Bay Area isn't until June, and it's in San Jose. For some reason we don't feel that we're going to find a lot of Thomas Pynchon fans who don't want to own a car and do want a job in the arts at these functions. Oh well. Back to Craigslist we go.