Making official something that's been talked about for months, Major League Baseball today announced that the 2007 All-Star Game will be held at the Stadium Formerly Known as Pac Bell Park. Isn't it nice to have some news about Bay Area baseball that doesn't involve injecting things in people's asses? The Giants last hosted the Midsummer Classic in 1984 and also held one in 1961, a game remembered primarily for pitcher Stu Miller getting blown off the mound by the Candlestick wind.

The Giants' getting the game in 2007 is a bit of a big deal because Pittsburgh is set to host the 2006 game, and for the past 40 years, baseball has rotated the game between the American and National Leagues. Speculation is that Selig is giving the game to the Giants at the behest of Peter Magowan because 2007 marks season 1 A.B. (After Barry) and the Giants need something to keep season ticket holders. After all, there are only so many times the marketing plan of "Come See Baseball at the Greatest Place on God's Green Earth" will work if the team playing at the "Greatest Place on God's Green Earth" sucks. While SFist would love to go to the game, we also realize that we don't make nearly enough money or suck up to nearly the right people to get tickets. We are, however, all over the little knothole in right field. We also think the Home Run Derby could be lots and lots of fun just seeing if somebody can finally hit that damn Coke bottle.

In other Giants news, Brian Sabean was officially signed through 2006. While Sabean has been getting a lot of guff lately, mainly for his almost obsessive inability to sign anyone under 35, we still think he's one of the best GM's out there.

Image of Barry Bonds and Tori Hunter at the 2002 All-Star Game from CNNSi