SFist would like you to know that we always consider feedback. So to show you that we actually, sometimes, act on that feedback instead of just considering it, we wanted to point out a few new or recently update features on the site you might have noticed slowly taking form:

Print: Just dying to take that new feature or review to lunch, or on the Muni, but you don't have a laptop? All of our posts now feature a handy 'Print' link at the bottom which will take you to an archived copy of that post optimized for printers. Hey, we care about the environment, too -- this layout was designed to minimize paper use while maximizing readibility, all within SFist's signature style.

Staff Page: So just who are these idiots who write for SFist? Well, go ahead and check out our new About page and Staff page. Oh, and we redesigned the advertising page a while back, and just updated it with our sizzling new traffic numbers, in case you're interested in, you know, growing your small business.

Recent Comments: We just jury-rigged this bit together yesterday, and already we think it's gotten the comment section a little more lively. Most recent comments from all posts on the site are available on the main index, and the most recent comments for a particular entry are listed on the post's archive page. Don't miss the next time Tony Andrade comments on a week old post!

What do we have planned for the future? Well, for starters, there are way too many great local bloggers to fit in that link list over there. We're trying to figure out how to generate a random selection of links from a larger link list page so that the link list on the index will always have something new and unexpected, and there will be a central source for readers to connect with fellow bloggers around the bay. We're also working on a top-secret project involving putting an end to comment spam so users not registered with TypeKey can comment without approval. And a death ray.

Image of Philo Farnsworth from Wikipedia.