Remember how we warned people that hell hath no wrath like a blogger scorned? Well, in the interest of all that is weird and interesting and fun in this blogosphere we share, we'd like to direct your attention to an example of what we think could be called "player hating."

Now a lot of us here at SFist keep our own blogs on the side, so as not to bother you with some of the less interesting aspects of our psyches or personal lives. SFist Matt, inspired by a post on BoingBoing, had some fun with Google Adwords on his blog I Know What I'm Doing. Xeni at BoingBoing was nice enough to re-post a portion and did some hilarious testing of her own. We were very proud. But that's where it all took a turn for the worst...

Seems someone is concerned for the health and welfare of the internet. So concerned, she wrote a post saying that SFist Matt "possesses a very sick mind along with his fan who generates posts for" She warns people to stay away from BoingBoing and I Know What I'm Doing (good luck with that). Quelle horreur! So in a non-violent show of support and admiration for SFist Matt, Xeni and, frankly, everything that nerds and geeks stand for, we invite you to let Victoria of Life's Little Twists and Turns know how you feel. Be nice!

Honest-to-God Google screenshot by Xeni Jardin.