We'd like to take a moment to remind you that tomorrow will be officially one month since the Tsunami disaster. Friend of SFist HiMY SYeD is asking that folks drop by the site and light a 'virtual candle' for the victims. This is pretty neat -- just click on the picture of the sculpture at Yerba Buena Gardens, and you can leave a candle and a note expressing your thoughts and feelings. For every click, a real candle will be lit at tomorrows vigil. HiMY explains:
Organizing vigils is a LOT of work/effort/etc/etc for so many people. Toronto and New England and down east is blizzard'd up the wazoo. Holding a vigil out in the cold is hard. Leaving a message inthe 'light a candle' webpage above is less so, just think, reflect, type, hit enter.

The event tomorrow will again be held at Ocean Beach and starts at 4:30, or an hour before nightfall, this time between Lincoln and the windmill. HiMY will be putting together one of his patented "Outstallations," which will be a huge drawing of the Indian Ocean coastlines done with paper held in place with chopsticks. We were there when he did his last piece, Hope, and when it was all done it was rather breathtaking. It's an amazing opportunity to help out an artist while at the same time coming to your own terms with the tragedy and its aftermath. Please come, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. For up-to-date news on events here and around the world, drop by the Global Vigil blog.

Photo by HiMY SYeD, candle icons placed by thoughtful people around the world.