Surely your lonely life has been just a little bit more hollow the past couple of weeks, what with the holidays and the poor weather and the Essefficist not really writing at all. All of that is changing now though, dear reader. The lights have all come down from the tree, the precipitation is staying up in the sky, and the Essefficist is back in all its mottled glory to help you to plumb the depths of your life, your soul, and the foggy foggy city you live in.

The inbox is looking pretty scarce around the Essefficist offices, though, so all you SFist types out there are going to have to pony up some quality questions if you think you're going to be reading any quality answers come next Tuesday.

So c'mon, what's eating at you? Why the Giants' bullpen was so bad last year and is it going to be any better this year? How to install a dimmer switch? Why God keeps telling you to sleep with that homeless guy down the street? Is it wrong to use free movie passes your work gave you when you sneak out of work to go to the movies a block away from your office? How best to get your bosses' songs on Live 105? Is it morally objectionable to go back to the very first appearance of your Q & A column and cut and paste pretty much an entire paragraph into your current one just cause you're feeling a little bit lazy?

Anyways, for astounding insights into the everyday things going on around you all the time, e-mail your questions about San Francisco or your own exciting life to the Essefficist (or just post 'em in the comments). And remember, equals crappy Essefficist columns.

And our New Year's Resolution, by the way? To write more columns next December than this past one.

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