about all of this, but it appears as though those rallies and e-mails to Sen. Barbara Boxer worked. Today, during a joint session of congress to certify the electoral vote count, Boxer, along with several other Democratic members of Congress, forced a debate on the results of the Ohio election. Each electoral vote was certified as per usual up until the Ohio votes were read and then Boxer and others issued their protest. Dick Cheney then called on each legislative chamber to meet for several hours to debate, with each lawmaker getting five minutes each to speak. This is only the second time this has happened- the first being in 1969 when an elector decided at the last minute to vote for George Wallace and once in 1877. An hour later, the Senate voted to uphold the Ohio results, 74-1, with Boxer being the only one to vote neigh. John Kerry, still trying to figure out what his view on the War in Iraq is by visiting Baghdad, did not vote and declined to participate in the protest. The rest of Boxer’s Democratic colleagues did what they they do best- upon seeing their shadow, quickly ran and hid.

Regardless of what we think of all this, we give mad props to our Senator for taking a stand.

Photo courtesy of CNN.com