Ah, it’s raining today and for those of us working, nothing quite sums up the first day back after the holidays like it being grey and miserable outside. It looks like it’s going to be grey and miserable for awhile as five-day forecasts call for rain, rain, and more rain. When it rains, there’s nothing quite like the high-comedy that comes with watching the local news broadcasts as they spend what always feels like half the broadcast letting everyone know that “OH MY GOD! IT’S RAINING!” and then whip around to like every reporter they have on staff, all strategically placed throughout the Bay Area, just so that they can show to everyone that, yep, it’s raining there too.

The end result of the more than four inches of rain that have fallen over the Bay Area is, of course, flood warnings. Today, he National Weather Service has issued an urban and small stream flood warning for the greater San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. Another one has been issued for Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties. These warnings also came with warnings for motorists to, as they said on Hill Street Blues, “be careful out there”, something which should be relatively easy these days as barely anyone is working. Regardless, we shall fell grateful that it’s not as bad as it is elsewhere, as snow, sleet and all those wintery type things that brings a smile to Snow Miser’s face are wreacking havoc throughout the East-coast and South-East.