And He said to those who sold doves, "Take these things away! Do not make My Father's house a house of merchandise!

John 2:16 [New King James]

Granted, that was after he'd turned water into wine, so he might be excused for getting all tipsy on the tables of the moneychangers. Happy birthday, bro!

Anyway, just another friendly reminder from SFist that giving is better than getting, which is awesome, because getting is pretty good.

Speaking of father-son duos, the Giants reunited Felipe with his son Moises. Sweet present you really wanted, or lump of coal? We wouldn't pick up any of the Giant's flyball pitchers for your fantasy league team. Would it be an offense to Felipe if SFist picked up the Ben Gay concession at 24 Willie Mayes Plaza?

As we mentioned, things are going to be a bit slow around here next week, since many of us took to the friendly skies to be with those friends and family who are less geographically fortunate. We'll reading, watching TV and movies, eating and drinking to slothful excess. Thankfully some of us are Jewish (just like Jesus!), some of us are local and some of us are still stuck at work, so you shouldn't feel lonely.

Merry Christmas!