So yeah, there's a bunch of movies out this week, but like last week's This Week in DVDs, the movies aren't really the important thing. Sure, we love Harry Potter, but this is also the week in which the first three seasons of "Seinfeld" are being released. Is there anything else that matters? Would you rather watch Tom Hanks play an immigrant "discovering" America while stuck in an airport terminal or George Costanza tell someone try to convince an unemployment clerk that he had a job as a latex salesman at Vandelay Industries? Do we even have to ask? With the release of these DVDs, we can really say that Festivus has come early.

The movies-
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Darker, edgier and more adult, Prisoner of Azkaban was the first Harry Potter movie to actually work as a movie. Of course, it didn't have to spend endless amounts of time establishing characters or try to overwhelm you with cutsiness, but that's probably why it was so good. And not that we care or anything, but as we write this, it's only 1400 more days 'til Emma (Hermoine) Watson turns 18.

The Terminal-
It's Spielberg and it's Hanks, both in Oscar-bait mode, with Spielberg trying to be uplifting and Hanks trying to play Balki. We're sure it's impeccably done and well acted, but, well, yawn.

Star Wars Animated Adventures (Ewoks & Droids)-
Somehow, we missed these animated adventures that came out in 1984 featuring the comic relief of the Holy Trinity. From what we've read, we haven't missed much. We're sure there's going to be some Star Wars fanatics frantically rushing to Blockbuster this week to purchase these discs but, dudes, get a life.