I'm checkin' e-mails, I'm checkin' e-mails, hey hey! I'm checkin' e-mails, I'm checkin' e-mails, hey hey! Our question this week comes from Rita, a frequent contributor and fellow SFist staffer:

I have a new question for you. How come bikers can run red lights? And are they actually allowed on sidewalks?


Funny you should ask, Rita. A good friend just showed up at the Essefficist's offices with a freshly minted $370 vehicle citation from a motorcycle cop for running a red light on his bicycle. $370! Three hundred and seventy dollars! And the cop said it goes on his DMV record! And he's a cab driver! Ouch! Did I mention, $370? And did I mention, ouch?

Let's here about it straight from Paul, the offending cyclist:

The offending cyclist here. This has to be the most expensive ride to work...ever. There I was at 24th and Harrison, riding like the crazy man, turning left into the on-coming lane of traffic (so as to make myself more visible). And, lo and behold, here comes one of San Francisco's finest, protecting the public order, pulling me over and writing me a BIG FAT TICKET for, according to him, $371. Now, off to work. Wonderful! I love doing my part to balance the city budget.

Hey Essefficist,