Local filmmaker Ryan Junell went to New York for the Republican National Convention back in August and filmed what he saw. is the result. See the Elephant is a documentary that runs on four separate screens: one for the action inside Madison Square Garden, the second for the action immediately outside, the third for the street protests, and the fourth for the media coverage of the event. As for Junell, he managed to get a free ticket into the arena, where he was given a sign to hold that said "Girlyman for Arnold" (which he then sold on Ebay to cover an arrested protester friend's court costs).

See the Elephant is screening this Friday and Saturday at Studio 1-2-3 (401 Alabama at 17th) at 8 and 9:30 -- RSVP at ryan(at) seetheelephant.org if you're looking to get away from turkey leftovers. Tickets are $5, $10 with a drink, or $20 with a DVD.

Thanks to SFist Krissy for the tip!

See the Elephant