We spent yesterday practising our acting skills by feigning surprise at Colin Powell's resignation as Secretary of State. Today we got to pretend we're happy that Condoleezza "Condi" (that's so makes her seem more human, don't you think?) Rice has been named to the post in his place. Strong, black woman fourth in line to the presidency (the Prince Andrew position, if you will)? Cool. But that doesn't mean she doesn't scare the crap out of us.

While no one is that surprised that she's going to take a more prominent role in Bush II2: Electric Boogaloo, the position of Secretary of State is one requiring tact, graceful negotiating skills and maybe, you know, understanding the global concern over America's actions in the world. Eh, well, they never listened to Powell anyway. And we think we heard a sigh of relief from yon Stanford way.

First reader to come up with a joke about how many Yes-men you can fit into the Oval Office wins a prize.