Welcome back to the wonderful world of the Essefficist, gentle reader. Our first question this week comes from our main man Sam in Concord:

Um... Shim-Sham Sam... I think you sent this to the wrong Q&A column. Check here for your answer.

Next, we hear from J, one of the winners of Essefficist's Blackalicious ticket contest last week:

So my question is...
When was the last time it snowed in San Francisco? Did it accumulate to any significant level? My friend is predicting it will snow sometime this winter in SF. Is this possible?

dear STRONG bad,
you are extremely awesome but how are you going to be sooo awesome if you'rre dead? why not make a time capsule of stuff filled with stuff about you to be opened in at least X0 years .
please answer this,
sam concord california