Sort of relating to an earlier post today, our boy Gavin's definitely not having the best week. His tax increases lost (so MUNI fares may go up to $1.50, 300 city jobs will be lost, and a homeless shelter will be closed -- you gotta kinda admire Newsom, he went on record and was like, "if you don't vote for tax increases, I'll shoot this dog," and now he's going to shoot the dog), his Board of Supervisors will continue to be divided, Bad Reporter continues to envelop him in a spoon-hug on the carpet, and now this? The august Gray Lady New York Times not only runs the above unflattering picture of him, but also quotes Dianne Feinstein and Barney Frank as either implicitly or explicitly blaming him and the events of February and March 2004 for losing Kerry the election.

Now, you know we here at SFist love to rib our mayor (and that so-best picture!) -- but come on, guys, this is going too far. We're a family here -- we'll make fun of him all we want, but we'll also proudly stand up and defend our mayor and our city to all those other red states and blue states on this one. Really -- it's low, it's spiteful, and it's just plain offensive for Democrats to try and blame this election on some of the happiest days of our brothers' and sisters' lives, and we're not going to stand for it.

Newsom says he's not sorry for authorizing the gay marriages, and says, "If you think something is right, you have a moral obligation to act." Can't say this correspondent is sorry he did it either.