Ever since the election, there's been a lot of grumbling about our misfortune in being attached to the rest of the country. Finally, somebody did something about it: posted the Web site USoutofSF.com. As the site says, "that's right, America, we here in San Francisco are officially sick of your s*** and we're not going to take it anymore." Included are links to an online petition calling for California to secede from the Union and other secession related sites. Works for us. Wonkette (who we're still a little upset with for giving us Game 6 of the 2002 World Series type flashbacks with her daily exit polling), warns, however, that, "you know how it'll go: In nine years, we'll just invade again. . . and spend a lot time searching the leaders' spider holes." We would use this as an excuse to show everyone's "so-best" photo of said leader and his wife but as the Gavster had a rough week, we'll leave him be- it isn't often that you're single-handedly blamed for a crushing national political defeat.