It's election day Q & A. Whoo hoo! First, let's hear from loyal reader Redd Harrington:

Kerry! We love that guy! Thanks, Redd. You're a trooper.

And from loyal reader Frog Dog:

Dear Essefficist,
What did you wear for Halloween?

A head-to-toe dog suit made out of shaggy orange fur with a fuzzy plaid belly. People kept asking if we were Clifford. We kept saying no. It was fun to have an excuse to hump people's legs. Thanks, Frog. You're a trooper.

Next, our SFist colleague Rita asks,

Oh hey, I have a question, but I feel like I'm asking all the questions these days. Can you guys explain the BCS football ranking system to me?

We know what you mean about you asking all the questions these days, Rita. Thanks. You're a trooper. While the Essefficist, having spent quality time on campus in Berkeley, is pretty glad that Cal is ranked number four nationally right now, we don't care enough about college football to even try to understand the mysterious world of the BCS. (The BCS, or Bowl Championship Series, for those of you who care about these things even less than we do, is a ridiculously convoluted system that was cooked up a few years ago in an attempt to determine an annual national champion in college football. It leaves things just as confused as before, and maybe even more-so. It's like holding the playoffs by not holding the playoffs.) Fortunately, fellow SFist writer Jeremy, whom we can't recall ever having met, feels the same way and says, "I don't think the BCS can explain the BCS system. But this could help:" Thanks, Jeremy, whoever you are; you're a trooper.

Well, that's it for this week, kids. For even more info on the everyday things going on around you all the time, email your questions about San Francisco or your own exciting life to the Essefficist (or just post 'em in the comments). And we all know you're sick of hearing this by now, but don't forget to not vote if you never pay any attention to anything but yourself and those new shoes you've been thinking of buying! No one wants your kind of input, you brainless dummy! Stay home!

And remember, no good questions from readers equals crappy Essefficist columns.

Hey Essefficist, who ya votin fer?