Based on Wonkette's early numbers, it looks like it could be party-time in the Bay Area. But things have a way of changing at the last minute, so who knows. Either way, you're going to be an a mood for inebriation and laughter - either as a salve for your psychic wounds or as a confirmation of your smug contentment. Why not drop by the Canvas Gallery and watch the returns along with comedians Tony Sparks, Mike Spiegelman, Ian Jensen and our own SFist Alex. As Alex points out:
No matter what happens at the polls, there are two things you're going to need tonight: drinks and laughter.  The Canvas has both.  After you vote, join us for a night of group revelry or, worst case, mass suicide.

SFist of course does not recommend any Jonestown-style group hari kiri, and a good belly laugh over a pint could be just the ticket to remind you that presidents, good or bad, only get to serve two terms. So head on down - it's free, and the comedians will keep their wits tuned to the telly along with you. The showcase will be hosted by local comedy impresario Susan Alexander.

For those of you who are more the shut-in type and live near SOMA, you can also tune into Neighborhood Public Radio at 88.9 FM for completely unlicensed coverage of local and national results until midnight. They might even convince you to come down to the Punch Gallery for booze, music and wonkery. Cafe Royale will also be offering free food, sangria and internets to those of you with voting stubs. It's all about the election drinking tonight - seems the only hard part is finding a place to celebrate a Bush/Cheney victory. Any suggestions?