Here's a look at some of the things that are being released this week:

Shrek 2- Unlike a lot of sequels, we were thoroughly entertained and blown away by how good it was. Like a lot of sequels, we also didn’t remember anything about the movie about fifteen minutes after it ended. We do know, however, that the movie made gob-loads and gob-loads of money, so much so we're pretty much guaranteed Shrek III, Shrek IV, Shrek V and so on and so forth. After all, it's not like they have to worry about Mike Myers or Cameron Diaz getting too old for their roles.

Around the World in 80 Days- We would say that if you were going to pick up this movie (as if), don't waste your bucks on this and instead get, say, Drunken Master, but you all knew that anyways.

Star Trek the Original Series, Season II- We, of course, never ever watched Star Trek, but we're sure there are some people out there who did, so we list this DVD release for them. Frankly, we're surprised that these aren't out on DVD yet as selling things to Trekkie's is like, well, like, pretty frickin' easy. Hell, if people will buy DVDs of the incredibly yawn-worthy Voyager, imagine how many people will throw down for Season Two of "Classic Trek." And not that we'd know, but we hear Season II is pretty good too- featuring the episodes with those tribble thingies and the episode where Spock gets horny and duels Kirk to the death. Oh, not to mention the episode where they go to the parallel universe and Spock's all evil or the one where Vic "Dingy!" Tayback plays a gangster and Kirk teaches everyone a game of fizzbin. We love that one. Or, we mean, we've heard that it was a good episode