It must be Literacy Day here at SFist! We want to alert you to a publication geared for new and busy voters called the . Right now, as the website undergoes updating in time for the November election, you can download PDFs of California's printed guide in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Each guide covers the candidates for president and U.S. Senate (one California seat), as well as all the propositions that will appear on California's November ballot.

Everything in the guide has been vetted by adult learners so that it's easy to understand. Even if you're highly literate, having a guide like this can be indispensable to getting a good basic grounding on what the candidates and issues are about in this election.

Side note: the Easy Voter Guide was supposed to be funded in a significant way by federal Help America Vote Act money controlled by the California Secretary of State's office. In the wake of the Kevin Shelley scandal, however, that money is part of the funds that the Governator froze, forcing the publishers of the guide to scramble to print even half the number of copies they originally intended to.

And full disclosure: this member of the SFist staff works on the publication as well as the website as part of his position as art director of Literacyworks, but he wouldn't if it weren't such a worthwhile way to spend his time.

Easy Voter Guide