Watching last night's premiere of "Lost" (by the way, that show kicks total a**) brought back fond memories of Lost star Matthew Fox's previous show, "Party of Five." While SFist isn't necessarily fond of that kind of show, we watched this series regularly in our shared Fulton Street apartment. We got specific pleasure out of the fact that it was supposed to take place here in San Francisco, but, other than an occasional establishing shot, it was so obviously shot in LA.

A lot of shows employ similar strategies. San Francisco seems to be considered an evocative place to set a show, but to actually shoot the show here is another matter entirely. We don't watch "Charmed" that often, so we're not sure if they even bother to pretend they're in The City anymore. At least "Monk," like "PO5," has the occasional outdoor shot that is actually done in SF (before the actors and crew scuttle back to SoCal). Hell, even the opening credits of "Full House" were actually shot in Alamo Square park.