SFist has fond memories of waking up early on Saturdays to eat oversugared cereals and watch cartoons. SFist also deeply enjoys watching vaguely formulaic cop shows. With these two criteria in mind, plus a geeky fondness of San Francisco geography, SFist has been watching the cartoon Fillmore!. Animated protagonist Cornelius Fillmore and his trusty sidekick solve crimes, catch dastardly criminals, and answer to the governmental powers that be, with the help of their crack law enforcement team. Here's the genius part of the show – Fillmore is an African-American seventh grader working the safety patrol beat of his middle school. Check out the orange patrol belts!

Fillmore’s creators are Simpsons alums, which probably explains the pitch-perfect cop show tone and the throwaway gags. Plus, all the characters are named after San Francisco streets – everyone from main characters to supporting cast to celebrity cameos. Watch long enough and your street will show up – I’m looking at you, Cheri Shotwell!

Every episode also features an excellent chase scene somewhere on the school yards (the one where they zipped by on school library ladders in pursuit of a miscreant was a high point).

Fillmore is on ABC at 8:00 am on Saturdays and repeats run periodically on Toon Disney throughout the week.