SFist can hold it for a long time, which is why we never even knew there were bathrooms at BART stations. Our understanding was that you were supposed to pee in the elevators like everyone else. And now that we know there are bathrooms, SFist figures that they would be used for more important things like washing up after your last trick, copping a fix or meeting another guy for some anonymous fun. Still, some of our less bladder-endowed friends have been complaining that whenever Tom Ridge gets all Orange-alert on the country, like when Democrats are all over the headlines, BART locks down the bathrooms.

SFist agrees with Strategery and thinks this is pretty ridiculous. We've been stuck waiting for BART trains for hours because a train crapped out in the Transbay Tube, but if a toilet's clogged we could care less as long as we get home on time. So instead of locking the bathrooms, we suggest that BART retrains their pack of drug sniffing dogs to become bomb sniffing dogs, and have K-9 units on hand at West Oakland and Embarcadero to sniff trains on their way across the bay. SFist thinks Al Qaeda might feel that dropping M80s in toilet bowls would be beneath even them.